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To our valued supporters, followers, and friends,

Ten years ago theSummit started as a mixer to help raise both awareness and funding for the Electronic Frontier Foundation. It started as a small gathering of attendees and dedicated binary options trading philippines speakers who met at the Ice House, with entertaining consisting of a modest cassette-tape boom box. Over the next ten years theSummit grew to over 500 attendees plus more than 100 speakers and VIPs. The entertainment expanded from that boom box to include a stage that featured Dual Core and DJ Jackalope as staple entertainers. Vegas 2.0 has raised over $200,000 in support of the E.F.F. over the life of theSummit and have become a well-established part of the community.

Many wonderful stories have come from theSummit over the past 10 years. theSummit was often the first place new attendees start DEF CON, met with established community members, and embarked on projects together. It’s where a distraught attendee who lost their limited-availability electronic conference badge watched as their predicament prompted others to place their own badges up for auction to both support the E.F.F. and to provide an opportunity to replace this collectible. Amazingly, last year a couple exchanged their vows of matrimony at theSummit because the event was so fundamental to the founding of their relationship.

Vegas 2.0 has been graciously welcomed into the DEF CON community as a trusted source to donate money or items to and ensure that the funds go to the E.F.F. We been honored as a part of the E.F.F.’s family as well as DEF CON’s. We have also been humbled by the love and support we have received over the years. However, the true reward for us has been watching the E.F.F. become embedded with the information security community and grow both within and outside of DEF CON over the last decade. The closing ceremonies are now inundated with donation totals from long time fundraising and first time pop up efforts.

So it is with heavy hearts we are announcing that we will no longer be hosting theSummit fundraiser at DEF CON. We, as a group, weighed the decision and its many causes and possible effects. theSummit was originally designed to increase awareness of the E.F.F. within the DEF CON community by hosting an event on the night between BlackHat and DEF CON. We have overwhelmingly met that goal. With 10 very successful years behind us, we have come to face the reality that the energy to plan and run theSummit has become an increasingly aggressive task in order to execute the quality of event we want to provide.

The decision to retire theSummit was not an easy one to come to. Yet, after much review we feel this is the best decision at this time. However, we do not want for this to be the end of our relationship with the E.F.F. and DEF CON, or our efforts to raise money and awareness. Vegas 2.0 will be pursuing new ventures within DEF CON and the information security community and will continue to facilitate donations towards the E.F.F. As the community continues to grow and evolve, we hope this decision is more of a metamorphosis than an end.

--Vegas 2.0


Many thanks to our sponsors along the way for making theSummit successful!



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A transient, a local or a weekend Vegas warrior, however you peg us, we are THE Las Vegas InfoSec group. Our members are long time DEF CON and Computer Security Industry avant gardes. When we are not planning theSummit, we spend our free cycles conjuring up social engineering, web and Windows attacks. We are always looking for new locals to Las Vegas OR frequent visitors to stop by our labs for a beer and some InfoSec foo!

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